Freestyle Wrestling

The Freestyle wrestling will be the primary style of wrestling that is coached and practiced at Denver Wrestling Club. Freestyle wrestling is practiced around the world, and along with Greco-Roman is one of the two styles of wrestling athletes compete in at the Olympic Games. 


Unlike its Folkstyle (collegiate, high school) wrestling counterpart, freestyle wrestling encourages explosive non-stop action. Freestyle wrestling matches are structured two three minute periods. A freestyle wrestler wins the match if he has a ten point advantage, or pins his opponent at any point during the match.

Points are awarded for takedowns, throws, and exposing ones opponent's back to the mat. If a wrestler forces both his opponent's shoulder blades to the mat, a match is won by fall (pin). A pin only needs to be held long enough for the referee to observe total control of the fall.

In addition to freestyle wrestling, we also practice greco-roman and folkstyle wrestling.

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Examples of points awarded in Freestyle Wrestling are:

Takedowns/Throws = 2, 4, or 5 points
Back Exposure = 1 or 2 points
Out of Bounds (border points) = 1 point

Wrestlers competing in a freestyle wrestling tournament must wear a competition singlet. In freestyle wrestling one opponent wrestles in a red singlet, the other in a blue singlet.